Projects & Campaigns

Is there something on the horizon that you want to prepare for but you're not sure where to start?

I work with all levels of your leadership and management team to put together a plan, then work that plan until we reach the outcome you want. I've planned and lead campaigns from two weeks to five years. Together we will establish your goals, analyze the situation to develop a strategy with milestones and benchmarks and accelerate the forward motion. Along the way there tend to be a few side effects - you'll find talent you didn't know you had, solve problems you thought were intractable and avoid other problems before they take hold.

I work to fit your needs, from remote consultation to year-long campaigns. Helping you find a path forward is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Organizing Drives

Do your employees want to organize a union? What does that mean for you? How can you respect their rights and be responsible to your organization and your mission? Does that sound tricky? It sure is. The road is fraught with pitfalls. I know where a lot of them are.

Contract Campaigns

Maybe you're facing your first ever experience bargaining a contract with your unionized staff. Do you know your goals for bargaining this contract? If all your goals are monetary then you are letting a golden opportunity for real leadership and building a sense of shared mission pass your organization by. There is no greater opportunity for positive change in your organization than contract bargaining done right. Let's be sure that it is.

Or maybe you're heading into your fifth successor agreement and are already getting the cold sweats - round 75 of the same fights over the same things. Is that what you want? Are you looking for a way to break out of your organization's patterns and gain the initiative? Let's do it.

Community and Legislative Campaigns

Whether you're public or private, whether you're brick and mortar or exclusively online, you play a role in your community. Your organization will be far stronger and better positioned to weather whatever storms come your way if your role in your community is intentional, strategic, goal-oriented and effective. I'll work with every level of the organization from your Board to rank-and-file employees to uncover the web of relationships and opportunities that so often go unseen and untapped. Can you afford to ignore the possibilities?

Internal Campaigns

Do you have an employee engagement program?

Here's another way to ask the same question: Do you know what kind of relationship your organization has with its employees?

Do you want to know what's holding you back from moving on to the next level? Often the truth is no one is really thinking about it.

We all just hope that if we 'do the right thing' our staff will be engaged in a shared mission, satisfied, fulfilled and giving the organization its best effort.

That kind of staff attitude almost never comes about except by a conscious effort and plan.